Competition Galleries

MCC Photo Competition Galleries

Photography is the art of seeing the inner beauty of the world around us and being able to capture those images for all to enjoy. Helping members better understand their camera equipment and how to capture great images is a key purpose for the Midland Camera Club's existence. Presentations during club meetings and additional social meet-ups on weekends focus on specific interest brought forward by club members for club members. Examples of these topics have ranged from; flash photography; photo judging; and flatbed scanner photography to name just a few. The club has photo contest for members to present their work within the club. Some photo contest are used to determine what photos will be presented to the Photographic Society of America (PSA) as part of inter-club competitions. Click on the links below to view past and present photo contest.

Balloon at Dawn by Chris Parfeniuk
Kodak Moment
Bay City Fireworks Festival by Chris Parfeniueniuk
1965 Chevrolet by Chris Parfeniuk